Tuesday, August 21, 2012

diy flowers headband

This is my first DIY (Do It Yourself) I'm posting on the blog. The inspiration to make this tiara of flowers, came from some blogs that I've been seeing, and saw many fashionistas doing it, and saw it was not so hard to do that and besides being beautiful, it was also very very cute and matched with clothes I have. So to begin, you need:
  • A headband on the color of your hair (In my case, black)
  • Two bouquets of roses (You can find them at any craft store)
  • And a little time

So even though it's easy to make there, who do not have much practice and skill will end up doing wrong. The steps to make the Tiara Flores are:
1 - Take the first flower and place in the middle of the tiara, and wrap around gabo flower tiara. Make sure it is securely fastened, or will drop.
2 - Take the second flower and position this time on the side opposite of the first, putting it very close to each other, and wrap the gabo the tiara.
3 - Continue with step 1 and 2, pressing well to not always hold, until something like this.
4 - You can only use only 1 of bouquets, more if you prefer, you can use both.
5 - In the end, if you have any doubts, the flowers will not until the end of the tiara, is more or less up to half of it.
And this is the end result. A cute and vintage tiara, matches any occasion, or even most chic moments, like a wedding or even a ballad. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, and I hope you keep returning here. Until the next post and next tutorial.
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