Sunday, September 16, 2012

shadowland (the mediator) - meg cabot

Meg Cabot, known worldwide for the book The Princess Diaries, which already became a book, and that is also the author of other sagas, launched Mediator. A saga with 6 books that tells the story of that Suze is a mediator. It can not only see the dead, but also interact with them. Its mission is to make them go forward. But how Suze is a bit "short fuse" and the dead are not always in order to comply, the service is not always so easy. Of course she never even mentioned this "gift" to his mother (which explains all its confusion and hurt, not counting the times I was caught by the police). These cases, they do Snooze think she is in any gang.

One of the most frequent visitors is his deceased father, who is more present now than when alive. To improve, his new home and his new school, are old buildings, places where it is customary to see more ghosts.

And it is exactly in her room she meets Jesse, a ghost Latin 150 years for that dissatisfaction remains in place who died. Over time Suze becomes accustomed to the presence of Jesse, who insisted on not talk about his past.
Synopsis: Susannah is a seemingly ordinary teenager who has a problem with old buildings. Not less. After all, many of these old houses are haunted. And Susannah is a mediator, a person can see and talk to ghosts to help them rest in peace. Of course, this gift brings many problems. But she could not know the seriousness of what to find moving to California.
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