Friday, September 28, 2012

asia fashion: back to simple

Another post from Asia Fashion, bring to you today is to Ayano. The title of this post is simple: Replace the Simple.. Why? Why this post and look at the baby Ayano, we see that we can be fashionable with any outfit from our wardrobe, a short simple blouse and jacket. Back In Simple!
Ayano and noticed his socks when seen in Harajuku and knew we had to have some snap. In addition to the high platform boots, this student of 19 years old, is wearing a leather jacket and a blouse INGNI of Forever 21. His ragged black shorts are the Bubbles.

The accessories include Ayano are punks and a green bow in her hair, a ring pendant on a long necklace, a necklace with a cross tattoo gold small, multiple earrings (including a pin of Frada blue), two rings gold, a leather strap and a G-Shock watch. Your fabric tote bag is Chanel. When asked about their preferred source of fashion, Ayano said she likes the Bubbles. She also said his favorite song is Metronomy and Late Of The Pier.

Want to copy the look? Come on!
1. Black Long Sleeve Zipper Pocket PU Leather Coat from She Inside
2. Big Pocket No Collar Chiffon Shirt from She Inside
3. Bundle Striped Front Black Tights from Romwe
4. Punk Lace Up Black Ankle Boots from Romwe
5. Studded Denim Shorts from Glamorous
Liked the look of Ayano? Will try to copy? Says ouch!
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