Saturday, September 15, 2012

know the famous british series skins

For those who like sitcoms involving elements such as youth, drugs, parties, relationships, friendship, homosexuality and many questions polemics, can not stop watching the British series Skins created by Bryan Elsley along with his son Jamie Brittain. The Skins series debuted in 2007 and was successful in all countries in which it was displayed, or disclosed. Currently the series contains 5 full seasons, and expected to launch in 2011 a feature film based on his main plot, but the characters in the second season more emphasis, not leaving out some characters from the first season that were remarkable. And with confirmed presence of Effy Stonem (Kaya Scodelario), Tony (Nicholas Hoult) and (Anwar Kharral) Dev Patel.
The first season focuses each episode on a different character, showing his point of view in the face of situations involving the other characters and the plot, even though the main character of a particular episode. The major focus is the love triangle experienced by characters Sid, Michelle and Tony.

Some actors from the first season are also maintained in the second season, only this time the plot is more complex, showing most intense conflicts between the characters. Many disagreements and misunderstandings happen this season, considered the best season of Skins for many fans of the series.

The third season marked a breakthrough in the series, because most of the characters from other seasons left the cast, except Effy Stonem (Kaya Scodelario) and Pandora Moon (Lisa Backwell). She is also praised by fans of Skins, with charismatic characters, and full of trouble, as is the case of the rebel James Cook, whose best friend JJ (Jeremiah Jonah Jones), inseparable until many issues shake the friendship of the boys. Another factor that deserves mention is the case of twins, one popular, the other introverted, hiding all of his homosexuality.

The fourth season is perhaps the most striking of all, with a darker tone to the characters, stories with tragic and sad outcomes, and human and sensitive side of your main character, Effy showing, which surprised many fans, since she always been strong and determined. Many serious problems happen in the lives of the characters, and each takes a different tack, and not so happy.

The fifth season aired this year, and again had a revolution in the cast, with different conflicts, but no less intriguing and controversial as in other seasons. Most actors are new series on television, with the exception of actress Dakota Blue Richards.

This is only a summary of the seasons are the British series Skins undoubtedly the series will draw the attention of those who watch and win many fans around the world, because its plot is flashy, engaging and clearly portrays many things that happen in life young people everywhere in the world.

And after several comments that the series would become a movie, The Guardian Newspaper has confirmed that the project will come from TV to the big screen. The station's attraction, along with Company Pictures and Stormdog Films are developing it. And who will carry out the project's own Charles Martin.

Filming is set to begin in September this year and the film will probably be released in 2011. The cast of the film should be formed mostly by the actors and actresses that have been seen previously in the series.
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