Thursday, September 20, 2012

dearly, departed - lia habel

Walking through Skoob again against this book that caught my attention by its cover and .... by history. I've never seen a book about zombies, and this addition brings this theme, also joins a climate of futurism and Victorianism. I found a review that explains how this story straight.

Nora Dearly is only sixteen despite having lived long. It was not easy losing his mother at nine, much less be beside his father while he was dying of a disease whose information was extremely limited. A year and a day after his death, she has 'permission society' not to use more black and their concerns must now be with the debut, when it will be presented to society. However, even after his aunt believes that long, she has not outgrown his death: wishes to wear black, not stopped crying by nostalgia. Pamela, her best friend is worried about her. And maybe Pam could sigh a bit of relief is a situation that did not disappear from the map Nora - at least for the whole society with which he lived. Now she finds Bram, who besides punk (and cute, lovable, plus all the praise possible) ... is dead. Nora is faced with a reality that exists even imagined and worse, a reality so daunting that challenges his sanity and his concept of normality. Lia Habel has written simply amazing, I did read the book in just two days and immediately put it on the list of favorites. She managed to create a book that joins thriller - since not all zombies are romanticized, of course - romance and comedy in perfect doses and without exaggeration. Nora is in itself a contradictory character: short, childish voice and face that would create the perfect character innocent and needing protection, which it definitely is not and need. Not cheesy or boring. What makes Lia Nora as a character is pretty much what she does with all other book. Bram is another example. It could be perfect, but it's a zombie, then it can not be just beautiful, and limping. Outside the scenario years ahead as our ally to a reality from centuries ago creates a new city completely innovative in many ways. In all honesty, the book left me open-mouthed and clapping to the author. Innovative, original, romantic, funny / ironic and, from the point of view of literary writing, with excellent writing. Of course I immediately ask the author some information and she said she thinks of writing five books in total - the second, Dearly, Beloved is being launched today in the United States. As for a happy ending for the novel, she did not say much, just made it clear that "unfortunately zombies are not immortal, which does not mean they can not live extraordinary lives."
Synopsis: As far as romantic pairings go in the year 2195, you don't get much more unlikely than an upper-class schoolgirl and a poor miner from enemy tribes. Filter in the fact that he's a zombie, and you're definitely talking about star-crossed love. Dearly, Departed is a cyber-Victorian/steampunk romance that takes place in the shadow of a new ice age. Nora Dearly, a mouthy teenage girl and apparent orphan, leaves school for Christmas - only to be dragged into the night by the living dead. Luckily for her, though, the good ones got to her first. From her reanimated rescuers she learns not only that zombies are roaming the countryside, but that her father is one - and that he's in terrible trouble. She also meets Captain Bram Griswold, a noble, strong, and rather sweet undead boy for whom she starts to fall. Meanwhile, her best friend, Pamela Roe, is just trying to carry on with life as best she can in the wake of Nora's disappearance - when she ends up killing an evil zombie in self-defense. Pam is galvanized into action, and ends up leading a group of survivors as the city of New London is thronged by the ravenous dead. Upon hearing of Pamela's plight, Nora and Bram set out to rescue her friends, find her missing father, and maybe just save what's left of the world.
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