Sunday, September 23, 2012

tvxq! - before u go

Hello everybody! I would not write this post and all, but I needed to talk to you about this MV TVXQ! a.k.a DBKS. And what I'm cometar is the video of the song Before U Go (which I particularly love with pyro and the dance of sensual them over there).

Summarizing a little of the history of the band, it was created by SM Entertainment in 2003. She possessed 5 members (Jaejoong, Junsu and Yoochune) and now only has two (Yunho and Changmin). Do not ask me why the band broke up that way because I really do not know, then look up here on Wikipedia that there must have.

So let the MV! This MV is quite old, it still gives time spent Top Mundi MTV (MTV and I still had on my poor TV) and I saw the short version of the drama and it has the full version of the drama which is huge by the way! For those who want to check it out in the full version of the drama, click here or to watch the short version here.

This song is really perfect, even if the video does not make the least sense with the letter. The vocals are they reach fucks and I get goosebumps just hearing the music. But what I really LOVE this music is dance! They are beautiful, wonderful, perfect and know how to use it to your advantage, and when I saw the "Dance Version" of the song I literally freaked out! Want to check it out and freak out with me? Look at the video below and also subtitled video!
Approved these beautiful and loved the music like me? So says just down there!
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