Tuesday, September 04, 2012

skull nails

Skull nails.. Yes! I found this wonderful tutorial, quick and simple to get your nails with skulls, it's easy and everyone can do - even without the aid of help. Let's get started!
You will need:
  • White nail polish
  • Black nail polish
  • Base Coat
Start, if you like with a normal nail base, she angry protect your nails from nail polish. Soon after, paint the nail with one or two coats of white enamel. Allow to dry.
Let's start with the face of the skull. With black nail polish, make rounded edges on the sides of each nail off. This is the hollow of the cheek.
Do the same with all your nails and you're ready to start drawing the face!
With a toothpick, put a bit of black enamel on the tip and carefully draw 3-4 short lines on the middle of the nail.
With the same toothpick, make two dots on the traces, creating a kind of nostrils to his skull.
Now with a toothpick to make the two largest eyes of the skull, and allow to dry. Pass the opaque base on nails and is ready to nail your skull. Like it? So comment there!
Source: Syl and Sam
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