Friday, September 14, 2012

wishlist (shoes) - nasty gal

Hi all! This is my first post of the WishList and start today with the shoes that I LOVE the Nasty Gal. The Nasty Gal, to me is one of the best shopping sites online, shoes and clothes, everything is wonderful! The only problem is the price, since they sell original products of designers, so this is very annoying. But we still can get you there, drooling over every piece of clothing. So let the WishList!
1. Spike Platform Boot from Nasty Gal
2. Nita Velvet Oxford - Starstruck from Nasty Gal
3. Hilight Wedge Sneaker from Nasty Gal
4. Crown Spike Loafer from Nasty Gal
5. Electric Platform Wedge from Nasty Gal
6. Classic 8 Eye Boot - Black Floral from Nasty Gal

So, you're thinking, what's so special about these six shoes? For me, my shoes always draw attention on one thing: They have to be fabulous. I do not like shoes simple, and to me they have to combine with a minimum 5 clothes, forever and never fall into several basic. For the first shoe, Lita Boot made ​​by my favorite Jeffrey Campbell with spikes on the back, a trend that still comes with everything here in summer and winter outside.

The second, an oxford velvet. Something more beautiful than that? It's just perfect, covered with black stars and a cross in each braid. I really want a pair of these! The third is a strong trend that continues this summer are shoes with heels. And they are perfect match with almost any style and you can change whenever you want. The room is one that I fell in love. It is the famous slipper, which came with all the winter and it gets a little sideways now in the summer, five different platform I chose. She has a divine coral color, which is part of the color palette and colorbock is the new trend of summer 2012. And last but not least special .. Comes this beautiful boot that is a faithful copy of Dr. Martens and she is so lovely. Even the floral not come as strong this season, always gives to dribble and bet with her.

Loved these beautiful shoes like me? Then commenting on down there what they thought!
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