Monday, September 17, 2012

wishlist (shorts) - glamorous uk

Second WishList what I do, and that's about what I WANT shorts too! These perfections I found on the British shop, Glamorous and all products and there are magnificent clothes. The shorts are basically that I chose Hot Pants (high-waisted shorts) and has the famous DYP Died (particularly that I think they are too), with short spike has, has it all! Check out my WishList today!
1. As Seen In Star - Dip Dyed HotPants from Glamorous
2. Stone With Black Stripe Denim Shorts from Glamorous
3. Fray Denim Shorts from Glamorous
4. Nini Studded Blue Denim Shorts from Glamorous
5. Black Pu Shorts from Glamorous
6. As Seen In Look -Paisley Print Pink Shorts from Glamorous

What's so special about these six shorts? The special is that they are fully and properly in fashion! That's right folks, the fashion shorts in recent months continue with a huge diversity and basically has not changed much. High-waisted shorts are everything, and combine it with the Dip Died, shorts that are two colors. Shorts are also striped with everything now, but also destroyed shorts (the name is the same) they are jeans, well finished and torn leg.

Another difference that came to prominence were actually spiked shorts, shorts are augmented with spiked and even better is that you can make your (just a short jeans and lots of spikes). The fifth is a short basic black leather, which also comes in this season and last, a new trend that is here to stay in the spring / summer are the prints scarf!

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