Tuesday, October 02, 2012

diy collar clips

Hello guys, today I bring to you my new DIY, very simple and quick to make. The "collar clips" that I had shown you in this post and I made one for myself! And it's perfect to make because of the materials, some I already had at home and the ones I bought were super cheap. Let's get started!
  • Hot glue
  • A pliers
  • Two buttons you prefer (these are vintage, were my dear grandmother)
  • Two earrings bases
  • 30cm golden chains
1 - Take the button and with the pliers start back with pliers, so that the base is placed immediately after the earring. Do like the image above.
2 - It will stay that way, as pictured above. Now repeat the same process with the other button, for the two were equal.

3 - Now with a hot glue gun to glue the base earrings buttons, like the image above.

And that's the end! DIY a simple, quick and easy and super cute, perfect for use in blouses with collars or even sweaters and cardigans!
Another way to use them are like earrings. Simply remove the chain and ready, are perfect for a more formal occasion.
PS: This is another collar clip that I did, in a silver version that I made with a silver chain and earrings that I got for my birthday and did not use.
Like this? Approved? Will try? Comments soon!


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