Friday, October 26, 2012

how to use transparent clutch

Hi guys! Today I bring you another post on how to teach you to use a part, accessories, etc.. I've done two others on how to use Lita Boots and how to use Mulberry inspired bags. Now it is the turn of Transparent Clutchs. The cool this portfolio is that you can combine it with any outfit, style, occasion, etc.. The options are endless, and another thing, who does not want to pay horrors it, it is super easy to make (the DIY I bring it to you soon). And those who already have one, it's always good to see new options and have new ideas on how to dress from her.

Check below, several options to use it:
For the girls grunge / alternative, use with a creeper, shorts and patterned metal collar. 
For those who want to invest in military fashion and romantic, use a disk with shorts, lace blouse and gold sneakers.
A look diverse. Shorts dip dye neon, croc lace top, black boots and gold cuffs cross.
For a more formal occasion, use a print dress with organza, black shoes and gold accessories.

These were some of the outfits that you can combine with Transparent Clutch, but remember, do not keep your head in only one way, there's thousands of ways to use a single piece, you just think and open your mind to other possibilities.

That's personal, until the next post. Comment on what they found and remember, I will soon bring a DIY on how to make Transparent Clutchs.
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