Sunday, October 07, 2012

some new projects

Hello guys, sorry for taking so long to post again, I'm busy these days preparing new projects and have new ideas and bright, so rarely I post. But today, I bring you friendship bracelets. Yes yes! They left a little scene in recent months, but I always like to come back to these old tendencies.

Unfortunately I did not do the tutorial, but what I did learn how to make these bracelets and never forget the tutorial was made ​​by Honestly WTF, you can find here. And as I always love giving my own touches on DIY's what I do, I decided to put a rhinestone chain, which by the way made ​​my friendship bracelet super cute. You can use tacks, spiked or any other material you prefer.
Another project that was finished just below my new custom hoodie. I grabbed a few pieces of white fabric and created the mold of the heart .. I cut out and sewed by hand. Then came the hard part's name in Korean. I have a crazy passion for Asia, by Japan and South Korea my beloved So I decided to pay tribute with this DIY, and Korean short sentence below the heart says "I love you" in Korean, which means Saranghae (사랑해) . Cute is not it?
Soon I will bring new tutorials and new projects! Comment and let me very happy. (:
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