Monday, October 22, 2012

wishlist #red - lulu's

Hello everybody! This is a very special post for me .. Because today, October 22, 2012 left 4 her album.. Taylor Swift! Yes yes. What's so special about this new CD have? Because this time, she jumped a little bit of country and bet on some songs a pop of Red, with dupstep and everything!

And nothing less than homenagia there-that very special day for her and for us, his fans! I created this WishList completely with shoes, blouses, pants and skirts red.. To inspire you and see if that is super easy to combine red (coming this summer too) in various garments.
1. Listen to Your Heart Burgundy Button-Up Top from Lulu's
2. Make It a Date Rust Red Blazer from Lulu's
3. Smooth Move Sheer High-Low Wine Red Top from Lulu's
4. Aquila Burgundy Studded Ankle Boots from Lulu's
5. Lisa 1 Red Velvet Brogue Lace-Up Oxford Flats from Lulu's
6. Abigail Wine Red Studded Motorcycle Ankle Boots from Lulu's
7. Sainted Love Burgundy Cross Print Maxi Skirt from Lulu's
8. Dittos Dawn Mid Rise Red Skinny Jeans from Lulu's
9. Flare Show Knit Red Skirt from Lulu's

Let's Go! The WishList because I already explained this, now let's clothes .. The first .. This beautiful blouse cut-out heart .. The cutest thing in the world, and is a red wine .. simply perfect. The second is a blazer, and for those who think that we can only use black blazer and the like, you are completely wrong. In summer, the colorblock returned with everything, try betting blazers and colorful pieces nudes .. and boom, ready to go anywhere.

The third is a kind of blouse mullet (short in front, long ago) and combines with short shorts and boots .. Perfect for going out on a sunny day. The fourth is this beautiful bootie heel studded, red suits and looks more darks. The fifth (aw fell in love with this oxford) is a mixture of brogue oxford with feminine, and it is red velvet .. Absolutely perfect.

Already the sixth is a bootie walk, only more modern, also velvet and studded. The seventh (I precido one of those) that came with a skirt all winter and still comes with everything this summer, now with different colors .. This has drawings of gold crosses and is perfect to go to ballads accompanied by a croc bag and a top side .. Already the eighth one red pants, which came back last summer and this season, and let's face it .. and is super easy to combine with several other pieces of clothing. And last, this fluffy red skirt and round, slightly beaded, blends with those who choose romantic.

And reached the end of another WishList (soon to bring you more) and who want to give a listen to the new album of Taylor Swift here and  to download, click here. That is, escultem far RED and dress over red, whenever possible. Even more!

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