Monday, February 18, 2013

book review: thirteen reasons why

So, hello guys. I had spoken to you that would bring a review about the book Thirteen Reasons Why, from writer Jay Asher. I started reading it on Friday and finished on Saturday. He has a few pages, which made ​​it easier for me to read it in pdf (yes, on my computer). I do not know quite where to start on this book. He is really good, the story is captivating, talks about a strong theme: bullying - but still leaves a strange in the air, and I can not decipher. After this review, I'll get another, about the book I almost finished The Summoning from the amazing Kelley Armstrong. So, let's go. 

My Review

I, like most who read this book was because I heard of someone who was good. So I said: okay, let's try this. And I liked it. I had not read any books that dealt about bullying, a topic quite strong these days, so I found interesting. Mainly because one of the characteristics of what the characters are, easily found in everyday life. For example, the popular girls, who want to do well above anything or anyone. Or the boy who creates rumors of others, when in fact are just some lies. And like any teenager - we all know very well - has problems. Except that, well, many of us cope well with them, unlike Hannah Baker. And problems with that, comes the "misunderstandings" that end up with any kind of peace she could find to improve and not end in suicide. In my opinion, the book could have had a happy ending. Yes, but it shows the reality, and reality is too harsh. If people were more understanding, maybe someone could have saved her. So I understand this book as a "punch in the stomach" we all deserve, mainly to begin to care more about others, and see that we are not the only ones who have our personal problems. Then I read some reviews about the book and some people find the narrative a bit dramatic. I honestly do not think. Not that it is "dramatic," but the book does not address happy issues. This is about depression, betrayal, heartbreak and how people hurt each other. And of course, this book should be used in schools.

Best Part Of Book

"The tape clicks itself over and continues playing.
Without her voice, the slight static hum that constantly played beneath her words sounds louder. Over seven tapes and thirteen stories, her voice was kept at a slight distance by this steady hum in the background.
I let this sound wash over me as I hold onto the bars and close my eyes. The bright moon disappears. The swaying treetops disappear. The breeze against my skin, the fading pain in my fingers, the sound of this tape winding from one spool to the next, reminds me of everything I've heard over the past day. 
My breathing begins to slow. The tension in my muscles starts to relax.
Then, a click in the headphones. A slow breath of air. 
I open my eyes to the bright moonlight. 
And Hannah, with warmth. 
Thank you.
I press Stop."

So that's it. I hope you enjoy my (horrible) review. Let's talk in the comments, I love to talk to you (:
PS: Photo not mine. Credits by Sparrows Will Fly
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  5. sounds like quite an interesting book! is it an adult book or young adult book?
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    1. young adult book, and yeah, is a truly interesting book (:

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  11. I love your book review! It is so wonderful to hear this type of a review in a style blog! Bullying is such a horrible pandemic thing right now and I'm so happy authors are choosing this to write about. It cannot get enough attention and I am hoping our society can find productive ways to end it forever!!!!

    -Lauren at adorn la femme

    1. Oh thanks for the comment.. And it is true today, few people really care about bullying, talk and discuss about it. And I too, hope that one day the bullying ceases to exist.. And that society pay more attention on it.

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