Thursday, March 28, 2013


What's up guys? Everyone's alright? If yes, let's go! Today I did not have class, well, I woke up early and started doing my first shorts (that's right). I would bring a video tutorial for you, but now I'm disappointed because the quality was horrible and I just deleted the whole video. Sorry! I will soon bring a tutorial in pictures (I gave up my camera to shoot anything). Well, but not only was why I came to talk. Who likes K-Pop? Should at least know the lovely Lee Hi, rookie of YG Entertainment. And after the comeback with It's Over, she launched yesterday (in Korea), here today, his first album! That's right! The first album was launched on 03.07.2013 was called First Love Part.1 and the second, released on 3/28/2013 called First Love Part.2. I really like First Love Part.1 and hopefully also enjoy the First Love Part.2. I hope everyone has the opportunity and can hear. Seriously, you will not regret it. One thing I liked most: The It's Over MV  was good, but I found it very simple. But the Rose MV was really awesome! I'm in love with him! Well, who wants to download both the two albuns, click here. Also, buy them on iTunes, for support your lovely Rookie! And, enjoy the MV now (:


  1. Rose is now in my playlist together with my fav songs. The lyrics are simply ♥
    Hihi I made a twitter account so now I can follow you trough twitter as well :D

    Have a nice day,

    1. Aw really? I will going follow you back on twitter Patricia.. Thanks for comment!

  2. she looks so young but has such a grown-up voice!


  3. I love her voice <3 ... She reminds me Gummy XD

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