Monday, June 24, 2013


About two weeks since I finished this book and I do not know where to start. Percy Jackson was the first series book that I finished (no, I'm kidding, I've read Twilight, but okay). It was about two years since I read the first book, it was not The Lightning Thief, and yes, Sea of ​​Monsters. And as soon as I read the first book, I fell in love. I do not know why I liked of this book, it may have been because of the theme: Greek Mythology, or just because it portrayed friendship and adventures. But, anyway, i liked all the books so much. Rick Riordan is an awesome writer and I feel really happy to put him in my wall of "Best Writers" alongside of J.K. Rowling and Dan Brown. And, even The Last Olympian has been an awesome book, my fave continues The Battle of the Labyrinth. But okay's, let's talk about the book now. And one more thing: Thanks for all Rick Riordan, for the all amazing books, and made me really happy with Percy Jackson series.

My Review

The first time I see this book I fell in love instantly by map he has. It's pretty childish, but what I most wanted it, although of it was the last book of the saga, but I really wanting was the map. But okay. What I liked most in the book is it contains que action from beginning to end (except for the last chapter). If you ship Percabeth like me, you'll really hate the beginning. And even if it is action from beginning to end, and is a war with deaths, one thing I liked was the highlight broader the book gave to the others demigods. I liked knowing that daughters/sons of Aphrodite are more than a bunch of people who only think about love. Highlight for Silena, which surprised me a lot in the book. Another cool thing in this book and could not miss at all was the clarification was the past of Luke and I stayed pleased with this. I had read spoilers of the book before reading, some things was no surprise to me. And as I said above, is a book about war and of course, have deaths. I was not sad about any death, because after all, I'm already used to it (I guess you get used to it after reading Harry Potter). For a long time I thought that one of the main characters would die and I thank Rick for not doing so. Another thing I really liked, {Spoiler} Hades have past to the good side and then has been recognized. I think that part of Percy request made ​​the series really make sense {Spoiler}. The first time I felt really sad reading the book, was in part the of Luke's mother story. But back to the war, the course interesting and well it was what I liked most? To read and understand the entire NY. The way Rick interleaved moments of action with cute moments was also interesting. Percy's dreams sometimes confused me, because I do not know if it was a dream or something. And Rick used his dreams to make a narrative of what was happening at the exact moment the other side of the war and I liked it very much. And in the other books, was always hard to defeat the monsters, right? In The Last Olympian, I found it all too easy and could not be otherwise, since if he waste up too much time with each monster, would destroy all sense of the book. Impossible monsters being defeated were easily overturned, which made ​​me think of an old thing: Unity makes strength. And in the end, I was really surprised. Man, Rick Riordan made me feel really idiot. When I was expecting a bloody outcome and serious deaths, the ending was so simple that I came to think that it was a lie. But it was true. So it's more or less it. This book surprises you, makes you happy and sad, makes you want to trade places with the characters, awakens one side psychological and make you think how someone may have done this or that. If you do not like the book, try to take a look again. Because if you do it for real and with an open heart, you will fall in love.


  1. I am gonna buy this book surely!

  2. I might give this a read! Even just looking at the cover would make me want to read this.

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