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First of all, I hope you are well. Anyway, I think anyone here has read this book, or at least watched the movie and I hope you leave positive comments and your real thoughts about the book/movie. Another thing I want to add is that I really wanted to see this book in school libraries, because it really expresses the type of thing that is happening with many teens today: depression. And I think everyone should read this book, but with a very open mind, like an excerpt from the book: be a filter, not a sponge. Okay now, let's go to review.

Book Review/My Review

For starters, there's one thing I really want to express. I loved the way the book was written. Charlie tells his whole story in letters to a stranger and I just loved the way Stephen Chbosky approached this new way of writing. In some parts of the book do not fit well in his method, but taking small flaws, I loved it. In other words, the entire book is good and everyone should read it. Mainly on the issues it addresses. Depression, drugs, loneliness, problems to relate and others (I will not speak or will end up with the magic of the book). Anyway, I consider really good. And so as I said, really wanted to see him in school libraries. I enjoyed the characters. Sam is a character catchy and fun, but I liked how the writer rode her story with a past much like Charlie's past and they fit well together. And Patrick, oh. I wanted to be his friend, really. He is so cheerful, fun and crazy. I like people like that. Although in a certain part of the book I have felt sorry for him and my heart suffered along with him. And he is gay, which I find strange, because the letters are written in 1991/1992. Another interesting character is Mary Elizabeth. She is cool, but strange some times. {Spoiler} The romance of her with Charlie got to be cool, but it was the kind that never fit. {Spoiler} By far, the character more complicated to understand is Aunt Helen. Her story will amaze you and you will end up realizing that much of the book revolves around that and you do not even notice. And although she has done wrong things in the book, I can not blame her for anything. Anyway, I hope someone has read and think like me. Another character super cool is Charlie's english teacher, a.k.a Bill. He was one of the few que were really nice to Charlie and I admired him very much in the book. Okay okay, I'll stop talking about the characters and go back to the story. What else can I talk about it? I do not know. I think everyone has to read to understand, because even a simple review is able to describe the book. Stephen Chbosky was a genius in writing the book and I admire him too. It makes you think a lot. So for me, good books are those that make you really think about it. And even that was not so clear in the book, I forget that it is fiction and everything is unreal and just wished this after finish the book: that Charlie was well.

Movie Review/My Review

One important thing before you read the review: if you just read the book, watch the movie. If you just watched the movie, read the book. I consider it highly important, since it in my view, the two are complementary, the book and the movie. To those who doesn't know, Stephen Chbosky wrote the script and directed the film, so for me, everything ends like a second view of the book. So for me it is highly important read and see these both sides. Okay, let's go. For me, few things displeased me in the film. What I was most pleased with was the characters. Could not have chosen better actors. Logan Lerman fits perfectly with Charlie. The same thing to Emma Watson with Sam and Erza Miller with Patrick. What was more like the character of the book in my view was Erza Miller as Patrick because he has this weird nature and made ​​films with similar themes. Another character I liked in the movie was Bill, the english teacher of Charlie. I really wish him had been more tapped on film, like the book, but it did not. The film was faithful to the book in some parts that I considered important. As part of Charlie's first party when he asks milkshake (in my opinion is the funniest part). The book really pulled the inner side of Charlie, because he recounted the story. Already, as always happens with movies, he pulled over to the side that tells the whole story together. Two sides of the same-coin, understand? But all was well expected. The story rolled as in the book, but more explained and easy to understand. So that's, I think I doesn't have nothing more to say. Even wanting, I could not liked the movie as I liked the book. Maybe be different for someone else, but I hope that everyone's have loved and enjoyed both.


  1. I'm so glad you're reviewing the Perks, it's one of my absolute favourite books! I think you're spot on- the movie and the book go hand in hand and i was incredibly happy that the movie lived up to the book. The actors were perfect! But still, as you said, the book will always be my first love.
    I really enjoyed this! Hope you'll do some more ;)
    -Kate xo
    bleached mort

  2. the best book ive ever read

  3. thank you for the review<3
    Visit my blog whenever you had a chance, follow each other? :)

  4. I really want to read this! It's defo next on my list :) x


  5. I bought the books months ago, shame on me I didn’t finish it yet! luckily I’m going on vacation next week!
    Can’t wait to continue reading!

    Heartbeats from VIENNA WEDEKIND

  6. Thank you for sharing this review girl! I have really been wanting to read this book and watch the movie! It's on my to-do list for sure!

  7. What a lovely review! I really liked both the book and the movie, but I must say, the book was better!

  8. lol, no. I haven't read the book, neither did I watch the movie x'D I'm feeling ashamed now. But I have to, I know! Especially now, after I read your review. I'll go look for the book now, maybe someone will borrow it to me :)
    Nice review, i enjoyed reading it ;)

    Have a lovely day,

  9. aww I saw that film like 2 months ago and I loved it <3
    emma watson make a perfect character!

  10. funny, I was just talking about this movie with friends!

    Valentina Duracinsky Blog

  11. I love this movie too (: xx , I love Emma Watson she's amazing in the movie. Do you mind if we follow each other ? Do let me know on my blog. (:

  12. Aww obrigada :) Eu adorei o filme e agora quero ler o livro para comparar!

  13. here's a weird confession. haven't read the book nor seen the movie but i adore the soundtrack!!!! :D

    Animated Confessions

  14. thankyou for the review! i haven't watched it yet, will buy the dvd soon xx

  15. nice review !! thanks for sharing :)

  16. I've been meaning to read this book but my to-read pile keeps stacking up grrr x

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