Sunday, August 25, 2013


After weeks without a lot of posts, I'm back! After much procrastination and craziness going on in my life and in school, I think that now everything will return to normal. I do not know how to summarize this almost one month away from you all, but forget about this, on the next posts I will give tips. For today I have a simple, fun and scary DIY. It was always a dream to make a charm for my cell phone with a doll's head. This doll there that I used is mine. A small detail is that it is Barbie and the only one I had as a child. And as in the beginning of my adolescence I have always been explosive and angry, I ended up cashing in my stuff (or in my dolls). And today I made the decision it needed just this charm.

So if you have a Barbie stored deep in the closet, just run and start her head. After that, if she is still very beautiful, take pens and pencils and scratch the way you feel cooler. After this is done, use something and make two holes next to the head of the doll. Pass through the hole a piece of wire and wait. Now pick up the phone. On a mobile phone should have a special space to put this kind of accessory. It is usually from the side. Take a piece not too big of chain and cross from the hole. Connect the end of the chain on the head of the doll and you're done. Don't forget to close the wire in the end. Does not work and is super cute. I think many people will love. Anyway, that's it. Until the next post.


  1. omg.. it's really creepy.. but very creative!:)

  2. Haha love this post, who doesn't love a bit of recycling! x

  3. haha that is actually really creepy but funny you made my night :)

    Lillian from The Rustyhead

  4. Yeah that's quite creepy I actually jumped a little when I saw the first picture LOL.

    恵美より ♥

  5. Wow THATs creepy xD

  6. Hahahaa I love this. I think I have an unfortunate lone Barbie head somewhere, I could use that. (I'm too attached to my Barbies to kill them ;D)

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