Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Hello again guys. As I said in the last post, my life is crazy. I started a course of modeling, and I finally found the right word, is: Patternmaker. So it's crazy, but I still have a little time to look for interesting things to post here. Well, everyone knows I have an obsession with online shopping sites and am always looking for something new to share with you guys. And I found this one and liked it a lot. Is Victoriasdress.co.uk. Much of the site is about wedding dresses, but I found the other side that has more to my face. The other side sells prom dresses , parties in general. And I really loved. I really like these online stores that sell this type of dress because usually the price is good and they have fantastic dresses, and if you are looking for a dress in the same style in the region where you live, going out three times more expensive. So that's why I really love online sites, because you will have more options and will not run the risk of one person is wearing the same dress. So let's talk about the site. They free shipping all orders over £200, Which is pretty fine, because is almost the price of a dress and sometimes, you can even choose two dresses and get free shipping, which is fantastic. And here some pieces that I really loved. I really loved this Tulle Prom Dresses With Rhinestone. The romantic style and the pastel color make my heart melt. I'm not much into romantic things, but I really loved this dress, because of the color of course, and I don't know, I just like so much. And this one: Tulle Cocktail Dresses With Beaded.I really like of nude colors and the beaded details, aw, make him really cute and romanctic. I loved these two dresses, a lot. You can also found another options, because they have a lot of dresses. Here's the link to the site. Hope you guys visit the online store, give them a lot of love and buy a lot of things. And i think is it. Bye and till the next post.


  1. thanks for your kind comment!
    love selena's dress <3

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  4. These are so pretty! Would you like to follow each other? x
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  5. Such stunning dress! :-) I especially adore the Grecian goddess-esque one that Taylor Momsen is wearing. That's proof that she can look beautiful even not in her signature black!

    I am now following your lovely blog! :-) Would you like to follow each other?

    Runaway In LA

  6. Cute dresses :)

    Marisa Silva

  7. is victoriasdress website trustworthy?

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  10. The dresses are so pretty! Especially the gray one! I love so much! Keep it Up :)

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