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what are fanfics?

Fanfic is the abbreviation of term fan fiction, or "fiction created by fans." In other words, these are short stories or novels written by those who like a particular movie, book, comic or any other media.

Designates the stories, no commercial or profitable, written by fans using characters and fictional universes that were not created by them. Thus, for example, an / a fan could write a story that happens in the universe of Star Trek. Although copyright law vary from country to country, in general, write a fanfiction is not an infringement of intellectual property, since the work is not marketed nor obtain financial gain arising from it. Likewise, lawyers recommend that the / a writer / a of fanfictions add text on top of a small legal notice (called by Americans "disclaimer") stating who really is the copyright holder and stating that you are not getting any form of financial gain, nor are practicing trade.

Since the popularization of the Internet, it is increasingly common to find sites dedicated to fanfics. Although a large portion of these sites typically address a single character or "gender" (eg fanfics about manga), there are examples like (in English, but with space for text in other languages) and the Hyperfan Quadrim site ( in Portuguese), which have created texts from different "sources" or the Library Guaruhara, the last of which is one of the oldest sites in fanfics activity, from a period in which the fanfics "popped" in the country .

In addition to publishing websites dedicated to fanfics, also became popular to create blogs dedicated to fanfics in interactivity, a sort of cross between Fanfic and RPG. The characters of these blogs are usually original characters, who follow a parallel story, borrowing some situations and characters depicted in the original work and also watching their chronology. Each author controls a character and the course of history are discussed in forums and emails. The blog pioneer of this genre was the Brazilian Expresso Hogwarts, dedicated to fics inspired by the work of J. K. Rowling, founded on June 13, 2003. Other blogs of note are the Brazilians Accio Brain and the Magic Spell In Portugal, the first to emerge was the blog Hidden Prophecy, and Uruguay have Hogwarts, una historia parallel].

A slew of blogs in the universe fanfics past potteriano emerged, inspired by these pioneers (Expresso Hogwarts, Accio Brain, Magic Spell), and, using the framework of creating stories and posting system similar to those precursors, they added several other new original characters, living their own adventures in the world created by Rowling. Some contemporaries of Harry Potter, as the Magic and Hogwarts Story's Future, past stories with others at the time of the Marauders (Magic Past and Seventies at Hogwarts) and others at the time of the founders of Hogwarts (Accio Past).

Not to forget to mention the Alliance 3 Broomsticks, the Flourish and Blotts, the major sites of fanfics Potterianas in Portuguese language.

Also various national authors who publish their stories on (in English, but containing fan fics in other languages, including Portuguese, and these are not few in our language)

Although the first fic blogs are dedicated to interactive adventures inspired by the Harry Potter series, now you can find blogs dedicated to fics inspired by X-Men (Mutant Generation), Chronicles of Narnia (Fics Village of Narnia and Narnia), Lord of Rings (Middle Earth), Eragon (Land of Alagaesia), among others.

Much of fanfics usually technically infringe on copyright laws, since they use characters originally created by others. Except in the case of characters who have already fallen into the public domain, the stories using characters still under copyright may be prohibited by their original creators. However, since usually this kind of literary creation is held by fans with no intention of making a profit, it is usually OK.

Although many believe that the large explosion happened in Brazil fanfics by Harry Potter phenomenon, such information is erroneous. You could say that Brazil has always had his big explosions texts. We can cite several such as "Blast Star Trek" created by Trekkers (Star Trek fans) who wrote a series of huge texts. One of the most classic and revered fanfics, which is actually a crossover between Star Trek / Star Wars, is the fanfic "Trek War", written by Roberto Martin Kiss, a former fanfic but has legions of fans to this day) the "Explosion Sailor Moon (which, although it had already groups writing fics about Sailor Moon in Brazil - as the Moonies - was at that moment that there was a big explosion in the genre of anime fanfics started to become popular) and many others.

Each phase has a flagship, a fulcrum, a series that influence the fans to write more fanfics series, being followed by texts from other works. Something similar happened when Inu Yasha officially began airing in Brazil, generating a huge series of fanfics - preference - followed by another series of fics that were being transmitted, but did not have as large a legion of fans.

Fanfics Types 

Darkfic - fanfiction abundant in scenes depressive, dark atmospheres and distressing situations. It is the opposite of fanfics defined term "waffy."

Deathfic - main characters die.

Slash - fanfiction whose main theme focuses on the relationship (love, friendship, etc.) between two central characters.  Ex: Aragorn / Boromir, Spock / Kirk, Mulder / Scully. Most currently interprets the term as signaling homosexual relationships.

Fanon - indicates the presence of advertisements on other ideas already fanfics and became as popular as the original work.

Lemon - fanfic with sex scenes (detailed).

Citrus - fanfic of adult romance, may or may not contain sex scenes.

Canon - Refers to fanfics that faithfully follow the story, especially in terms of shippers (couples) and portrayal of characters.

Classification Types

G (Free or K/K+) - Fic released for all ages. The site Fiction Ratings subdivide this classification into two categories: K and K +.

K: Fic released for all ages. The site Fiction Ratings subdivide this classification into two categories: K and K +.

K+: Content with less violence, coarse language and insinuations absence of adult themes, recommended for children over 9 years.

PG-13 (NC-13 or T) - Not recommended for children under thirteen years to contain some violence, slightly coarse language, adult themes and suggestion.

PG-17 (NC-17 or M/MA) - Not recommended for under 17 because it contains scenes of explicit descriptions of violence, use of freed strong coarse language, adult themes and treated so detailed and explicit. Scenes strong.
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