Thursday, August 30, 2012

diy pearls shorts

Hello everybody, here is the Anny came again and show them my second DIY I'm posting on the blog. This DIY was a little different, I had the head so I got this shorts and I looked for pearls and soon had an idea of how it would be. I thought as much, I had seen an example of them a few weeks ago and found it very perfect, besides being simple to do. So come on? To begin you will need:
  • Shorts
  • Scissors
  • Pearls
  • Line
  • A needle
1 - To begin, put the shorts on the floor or table and measure the size you want the short has. If the short is already the size you want, do not need to follow these first steps.
2 - And start cutting. If necessary, check with a pen not to be crooked and most importantly, if you do not have a great skill with the scissors ask a person who has, or your shorts will stay bent.
3 - It will stay that way. Remember to cut one leg at a time, because the scissors is not magic and will cut both at once. Now cut the other party in the same manner as the first.
4 - Now they will get something like this and then you do as you wish. I folded the short end twice, forming a sheath.
5 - Now is the time pearl. Vai tailoring the way you want by changing the distance and also the size of them. Alternatively, cover just one short side or both, as I did.
And tá dá! This is the final result. Like it? So comment down there, I will soon bring more DIY's of my own, to the next.
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