Thursday, August 30, 2012

t-ara reveals previous video for "sexy love"

T-ara revealed the video prior to the video for "Sexy Love." "Sexy Love" is the title track of his seventh mini-album, 'Mirage', and is the fourth song from T-ara produced by Shinsadong Tiger. 'Mirage' will be launched on 03 September, but while you wait, check out the video prior to "Sexy Love" below.

T-ara originally announced it would release a new song in mid-August, but was delayed in three semanas.Core Contents Media said, "We decided to return now because it could not be postponed any longer because of the controversy, which failed having neither bullies nor victims, but only misunderstanding upon misunderstanding. "

In the 28th and 29th of July, tweets were sent by members of T-ara and Hwayoung, and caused a great controversy about bullying that confused the public and fans. They have apologized and wish that fans continue to support them in the future. His agency said, "T-ara was silent for a month, since the misunderstanding happened between members and reflected on his actions, which led to controversy they created. They want to express their sincere apologies. "

They continued, "It was a misunderstanding between Hwayoung and other members, and they apologized and reconciled with each other." T-ara will be busy from September 15 through November with their lives overseas, in countries as Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia and Japan

Core Contents Media said, "The misunderstanding and conflict that happened in front of so many people, T-ara lowered their heads and is incredibly sad, and said they will work hard to prevent and better deal with these issues."
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