Sunday, August 26, 2012


In 1984, Tim Burton, the man who as a child played at the cemetery, launched the short Frankenweenie. He worked for Disney at the time, but was soon fired. I think they considered him very pro public underground "family" of Disney. But the world turns and there it is working again.

Synopsis: Victor Frankenstein is a boy who creates movies starring his dog, Sparky. After a session of one of his films - watch the end of the film is equal to the end of the trailer. Victor, playing with Sparky, plays a ball rolling into the street and the dog, trying to catch her, gets hit. After the death of her dog, Victor attends a science lesson about driving energy in the nervous system of a sapo. Joining one thing to another, the boy tries to revive his dog.
Frankenweenie, the animation will be launched at the 56th edition of the London Film Festival in October. All in black and white, will also have 3D version and the participation of Winona Ryder ("Girl, Interrupted"), as a voice actress. Can you notice that the film has the same style of Corpse Bride, whose name is also the protagonist Victor. 
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