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american horror story and "asylum"

American Horror Story is a television series American horror-drama created and produced by Ryan Murphy (creator of Glee) and Brad Falchuk. The series premiered in the U.S. on the FX channel on 5th October 2011. The series began to be broadcast in Brazil from November 8 by TV channel closed, FOX Brazil. American Horror Story has been well received by television critics, with many praising its terrible nature and unique presentation. The series has attracted consistently high ratings for FX, finishing his first season as one of the greatest dramas of the cable. The series has received several nominations, including a Golden Globe Award for Best Drama series.

Described as a psychosexual thriller "American Horror Story" centers its story on therapist Ben Harmon (Dylan McDermott), his wife Vivien Harmon (Connie Britton) and daughter Violet (Taissa Farmiga), who move into a new home as a way dealing with adultery committed by Ben. But the new house does not seem to be just an ordinary house.

Main characters: Ben, Vivien and Violet.
Well, this is not the kind of series that you will soon addicting, but the story is very good and interesting course with bizarre themes and sexuality is very present, but that soon gives notice in Promos, it was no surprise to me, but let's not clear that kind of ambiance that causes fear, but the scenes of violence are very strong, so I warn you, is an adult story yes, but nothing that horrify others.

Instead of trying to leave the past, the couple leaves Boston and moves to Los Angeles. But what they find has nothing to do with the expected Hollywood glamor! Instead, the family is forced to live with strangers and neighbors bizarre events that will reveal the dark past of their new home.

The beautiful house where the story takes place.
And it passed! It seems that every type of tragic event happened in the house: twins murdered, a father who puts everything on fire while his wife and daughters sleep, a gay couple who committed suicide. What's worse is that apparently none of them found rest in life and beyond continues roaming the place. The dreary weather is also a constant, though the family is living in sunny Los Angeles. The only scene where some sun appears is when the family comes to town, making it appear that the burden of the family is so great that it infected the weather. The list also has foreign characters true classics: the neighbor who knows all the secrets of the place, a troubled teen, a seer (in case the neighbor with Down syndrome), a former resident near death trying to warn about the house , a strange character (the maid) who clearly still has much to reveal.

To further understand the history of the series, knows all events and deaths of "Murder House", from the construction.

1922 - Construction
Dr. Charles Montgomery builds a house for his wife Norah Montgomery and his son Thaddeus.

1924 - The Kidnapping of Thaddeus Montgomery
Dr. Charles was a great surgeon, however, junkie, Norah afraid of losing money and fame set up a small business for secret abortions, until one day a girl was unable to keep a secret, Thaddeus Montgomery was kidnapped on the night of abortion.

1924 - Thaddeus Montgomery is found dismembered
Police leads to the home of Charles and Norah evidence in pots, these pieces of the body of Thaddeus who had been quartered.

1925 - Death of Owners
After the terrible happened to Thaddeus, Norah goes into depression and Charles locks herself in the basement, next to the funeral of Thaddeus, Charles tells Norah that the baby is alive and waiting for her upstairs, Norah to find that the child is not more humane, back to talk to Charles, she shoots Charles and then commits suicide. Thaddeus becomes Infantata.

1947 - Black Dahlia
Elizabeth Short was an aspiring actress nicknamed the Black Dahlia when she was found dead for unknown reasons and murderers in 1947. 'American Horror Story' reproduced the Dahlia murder as one of the most famous victims of the house.

1968 - Death of Nurses
In 1968 a serial killer invades 'Murder House' and kills two nurses when they are alone at home.

1978 - Death of Twins
In 1978 occurs the murder of twins Troy and Bryan monster by hitherto unknown Ifantata.

1983 - Moira O'Hara
It's the murder of Moira O'Hara and unfaithful husband of Constance Langdon, Hugo. Constance kills both shot a revolt by infidelity.

1994 - Lorraine
Larry has his wife, Lorraine, who is in love with Constance and asks her to take the children and go to the house of her sister, Loraine in a desperate act to lock yourself in the room and puts the room on fire. Lorraine and the girls are dead burned.

1994 - Larry Harvey
Larry Tate puts fire moments before going to school.

1994 - Massacre at Westfield College
Tate Langdon kills 5 youngsters from his school's high school shot. Soon after, Tate is killed by police after killing his schoolmates.

1994 - The death of Beau
Beau is killed by Larry Harvey so it does not separate Constance.

2010 - The Assassination of Chad and Patrick
Chad and Patrick are brutally murdered by Rubberman, hitherto unknown.

2011 - The Enthusiasts to Serial Killers
3 enthusiasts to serial killers are dead in the house during an attempted reproduction of the famous murder of Maria and Angela nurses occurred in 1968.

2011 - Death of Hayden
Hayden is killer by Larry in an attempt to hide the baby fruit of infidelity Ben Harmon.

2011 - Death of Addy
Adelaide "Addy" Langdon, is hit by a car and tries to cross the street and dies as a beautiful girl.

2011 - Suicide of Violet Harmon
Violet learns about the massacre of the Westfield school and takes a box pĂ­lular to sleep. Tate finds her and takes her to the bathroom, he makes her vomit but not enough, Violet dies.

2011 - Death of Travis
Travis is killed by Hayden. Dr. Charles cut it into pieces as it did with Black Dahlia creating a reconstruction of the crime, should a favor to Larry Hayden takes the body out of the house. Constance is indicted for the murder of Travis.

2011 - Vivien e Ben Harmon

Vivien gives birth to twins, and then dies. Ben is hanged for Hayden and his accomplices that he is always at home.

As the family settles in the house, bizarre events and often violent start to occur with greater regularity. It is soon revealed that there have been more than 20 violent deaths in the home throughout its history - so much so that sightseeing is known as "The Murder House" (House of Homicide). The family struggles with their own personal troubles, ignoring the reality of their house, even though more people die and take up residence as ghosts. Unconsciously, Vivien has sex with Tate, confusing it with Ben in costume rubber, shortly after making love with Ben, resulting in the rare occurrence of becoming pregnant with twins by different fathers. Several ghosts in the house, including Hayden, the former lover Ben, conspire to leave Vivien crazy so they can take babies as their own.

Violet commits suicide, she did not realize was successful until weeks later when he realized he could not leave the house. Vivien gives birth to the twins at home. The first died moments after birth, but the second lives. Vivien dies during childbirth. Constance realizes that the baby's father is a survivor Tate, and Ben urges to flee their homes. By doing so, Ben is confronted by Hayden who kills him hanging. Upon finding the body of Ben, Constance kidnaps her baby. Ultimately, it is considered by police who hanged himself in mourning Ben, and Violet (whose body is never found) fled with the baby.

Now, trapped in the house, Ben and Vivien promise to work with some of the other ghosts to scare any new tenants and save their lives, and get to the next family that would move the house. The series jumps ahead three years to reveal Constance, which has continued to care for the child of Harmons confidential. She discovers, however, that the baby had himself violently murdered his nanny.

Ryan Murphy released some spoilers about "Asylum" the second season of "American Horror Story". The anthology series takes place in the 1960s in a sanitarium in New England that is led by Jessica Lange and Joseph Fiennes. Ryan Murphy also announced who will be the new Rubberman and announced that the character of Jessica Lange will become a nun.

"When we launched the show last year, we kept silent about which characters would survive," says Murphy to the media. "Now it has been established that each year is a different story the time seems right to disclose certain portions of history."

"We chose 'Asylum' because it is not only what describes the scenario - an insane asylum run by Jessica Lange, a character who was formerly a nurse with tuberculosis - but also as a place of refuge for the unloved and unwanted . This year's theme is about sanity and combat horrors of real life, "adds Murphy.

Check out two exclusive promos for the second season, still no release date.

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