Saturday, August 25, 2012

jeans trend - spring/summer 2012

I'm a big fan of jeans, so I thought I'd mention some of the main trends for jeans this spring / summer. Jeans are fabulous for all seasons and there is a style out there for everyone, no matter what shape you are.

Floral is a trend that reappears every spring / summer and this year we will see some large floral patterns on jeans, they are a great point to slip on the days you do not want in your clothes on too exaggerated, but they are the decorative sufficient on their own and all they need to accompany them is a classic white shirt.
1. Floral-print cropped low-rise skinny jeans from Net A Porter
2. Moto Vintage Floral Jamie Jean from Topshop
3. White Floral Print Super Skinny from River Island
4. Haystack Floral Print Stiletto Pants from Style Bop
5. Stiletto Skinny Jean from Far Fetch
6. Floral Print Super Slim Jeans from Mango
Bright colored jeans make a stylish statement piece this season - put with another item of bright colors, if you want to stand out (in a good way) or with a white shirt and various jewelry.
1. Moto Noen Supersoft Leigh Jean from Topshop
2. Cherry Coloured Jeans from Oasis
3. Moto Turquoise Skinny Leigh Jean from Topshop
4. Cimarron from Place Des Tendances
5. Organic Cotton Sateen Supa Skinny Jean from Fashion-Conscience
6. Coral Ultra Soft Jeans from Miss Selfridge 
Striped Jeans have become a huge trend this year and have three major vendors (from River Island, Topshop and Motel Rocks). I usually pair my jeans with a striped shirt and some plain collars.

1. Jeans Candy Stripe from Glamorous
2. Moto Stripe Supersoft Leigh Jeans from Topshop
3. Moto Neon Stripe Leigh Jeans from Topshop
4. Stiletto Cropped Low Rise Skinny Jeans from Net A Porter
5. White & Blue Stripe Skinny Jean from Quiz
6. White & Beige Skinny Jeans from Quiz
From mint green to dark pink, everyone is going crazy for pastel colors this spring / summer and I do not blame them! Use this trend with a cute pair of heels pastel color.

1. Ankle Lilac Low Rise Skinny Jeans from Net A Poter
2. Petite Peach Slim Leg Jeans from Wallis
3. Tight OD Spearmint from General Pants
4. Cropped Jeans from Mango
5. Petite Lemon Slim Leg Jean from Wallis
6. Moto Mink Baxter Jeans from Topshop
This year we are embracing the 90s, more than ever, with tie dye, if you love this trend is likely to have a tie dye top, since you have a pair of jeans tie dye, right? This trend is great for any party - use it with some style sunglasses and John Lennon will be back as the times.
1. Twisted Tie Dye Mid Rise Skinny Jeans from Net A Porter
2. Acquaverde from Place Des Tendances
3. Tie Dye Print Low Rise Skinny Jeans from Net A Porter 
What is your favorite trend of jeans this season?
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