Friday, August 24, 2012

how to use mulberry messenger bag inspired

The bag style Postman (baptized with that name because it was exactly the model that the postmen wore) is super trendy, especially after Alexa Chung (MTV presenter) appeared with his model of the brand Mulberry and placed it on the podium of the bags more the desired time!

Beautiful, practical and often fit everything - book, cell phone, makeup bag, coat, hair brush, mirror, perfume, keys - we need much load. The postman bag, is the perfect size to fit all the paraphernalia that we worship load, your model is structured and has two handles, one long that can be used pierced and a smaller hand.

For make no mistake: Pay attention to the tone purse chosen. If you choose a bright color combinations to try to look at some other color. But without mixing too! Or you can opt for a look in neutral tones, with purse and shoes in shades stronger.

Below you will find options for using the bag, in various ways and styles.
With pants, who follows the vintage, along with a boot oxford and a sweater.
With a print dress, accompanied by a jacket and heels.
With ripped shorts, blouse with collar and slippers.
With skirt, crop top and high heels embroidery.
With cross sweater, for rockers, together with leather shorts.

You can also combine with skirts, boots, vests, jaquetinhas, skinny jeans with boots and a gown. Are high in style and walk well on several occasions everyday. The postman bag is ideal for those who want convenience, since the strap leaves your arms free, and for those who love to drive home in the bag, as most of the models are huge!

Messenger Bag with shorts and skirts

Messenger Bag with long skirt

Messenger Bag with pants

Messenger Bag with dresses

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