Thursday, October 18, 2012

diy lady tie

Hello everybody! Today I bring you my new DIY .. And it's a Tie Lady. For those who do not know, a tie is a tie Lady feminine, often used in past centuries by women chic and thin, and that after a long time, has been gaining again in vintage fashion a major highlight. DIY is a simple and quick and looks great with any blouse with collar. Let's Go! You will need:
  • Black fabric
  • Mold
  • Black Line
  • Needle
  • Scissors
  • Measure tape
1 - Start with the mold. To do it, I needed three sheets of notebook paper, I joined them with tape. Now to make the mold you will need a tape measure, ruler and pen. Throughout her extension will measure 63 cm (the tape measure is 31.5), 3 cm wide and 6 cm at the end, as pictured above.
2 - After the mold done, get the black fabric. You will need two parts, then cut twice. That done, cut and start sewing, and do not forget before you start, put the part you drew (part scratched the back of the fabric) back to each other, so when you're not going to turn any problem.

3 - Once sewn, leave a small space but enough to untap your Lady Tie. That done, sew the space left, even outside. And now you will need a button and a pair of scissors. Check with the same finger where the button will go (scratch with a pen not to forget) and then sew the button there. On the other side, cut the place where the button will pass. Sew the edge, not to unravel.

And you're done, simple, fast and easy His Tie Lady is ready. Now just find an outfit to wear and "BAM" you will be beautiful and chic as the Ladys of the last century. Like this? Comment!
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  1. Que lindinho adorei.Gostei do seu blog,se quiser tbm pode ir no meu,o link é:
    e no Tumblr vc já deve saber,+ mesmo assim:

  2. oh obrigada por visitar meu blog, muito obrigada de coração! Visitem seu blog e bom... ele é tãoooo fofo, omg me dê o seu template kk
    Mas enfim muito muito MUITO obrigada (:

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