Wednesday, October 24, 2012

diy spiked headband

Hello people! How are you? I'm so happy and well, and really wanted to thank you all for 3.000 views.. You made my day, so I bring this DIY thank-you! This is an easy DIY materials also easy to find, and this tiara comes with everything this summer, especially for fashion devotees rock / grunge. Come?

  • A black headband
  • 7 spikes
  • Pliers
  • Hot glue
1 - The first step is the tiara. The one I bought was a black medium gray and I hated it. So I found a black cloth and pasted around the headband. It's easy to go wrap sticking with the hot glue (be careful not to burn your fingers) and then paste the other party. Finalize with burning phosphorus tips to avoid fraying.
2 - And then start with the spikes. The ones I found had these triangles super boring, so I took off with the pliers one by one, and stayed that way (but that was not the end result). I decided to try to break the iron (very stupid) and what happened is that the triangle ended up going out alone (and two spikes and teimaram not out). Anyway, if you also have to buy the damn irons, use pliers to pull out.
3 - Its seven spikes will look like without the triangle. Now comes the part to assemble the headband.

4 - Start gluing a spike in the center of the tiara, and then leave a space of two fingers and paste another. Repeat this process until all seven spikes collar. Alternatively, put a few more, make the way you want.

In the end she'll be as you can see below. Another good idea is in the spaces left, lay flowers handmade (cited here) and is perfect for going to a party or even Halloween themed parties. Is it personal, if liked, comment and make me a happy blogger (: Until the next post!
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