Tuesday, November 06, 2012

diy galaxy print on paper

Hey again. Another post with this DIY I found on Nina's blog and I fell in love. Have not tried doing it, but on holiday I will certainly try. Enjoy a lot and then comment.

When the galaxy print became fashionable, not dead in love with the idea of ​​wearing clothing emblazoned with nebulae. What I did enjoy was the tendency to imagine that the images of the universe logo printed on tissues could be transplanted to other media, particularly roles - where would yield many uses cool! But the fact is, almost a year after the fashion show, I never found anything besides clothing (capes and expensive iPhone) with galactic prints... The way, then, was to think of alternatives to quench my desire for galaxy prints, creating a technique for dyeing at home so many sheets of paper how I wanted. This was the genesis of the DIY today!

(1) The materials required to create the galactic effect are: a sheet of dark paper (I used brown), tubes of watercolor paint of various colors (worth the look tumbrl Fuck Yeah Nebula to have some ideas), glitter, water and a hairdryer. (2) The first thing to do is spread randomly raindrops ink across the paper. (3) Then, it is necessary to pour a proper amount of water on the sheet and dilute the ink, forming mixed color. (4) After that the paper is completely painted, it's time to play the glitter on top and use a hairdryer to make water move up dry. And the end result is something like this...

Warning that in the last stage work turns a beautiful mess! The dryer can make the ink-laden water seeping everywhere then choose to do the project in a proper place for mess, right? Another thing that must be said is that the glitter is not actually glued on paper and, depending on the intended use, may end desgrudando. Anyone who wants to, can add a layer of glue on the paper and throw glitter at the end. A final warning is still necessary: the photos are far from doing justice to the actual appearance of painted leaves, which were much, much prettier live! Just doing it to get an idea ... Even so, I hope you enjoyed!

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  1. Didn't work for me. But yours looks amazing.Do you have any other ideas on how to make galaxy print on paper? If you do please tell me. BTW your galaxy print is AMAZING.

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