Saturday, December 22, 2012

flowers in everywhere

Hi all! Sorry for the delay in posting .. So put a long text sorry, but I'm too lazy even. Anyway, how are you? Alright? Everything here yes .. And I'm excited .. Next week is Christmas, I like the weather and especially the clothes I wear.. It's always good to be with family and friends can talk and communicate about the year that will already ending. A news I want to give you is that I closed partnership with a blog, then wait many DIYs on new K-Pop soon.. But you do not know what is K-Pop? Relax, click here and see this wonderful magical world of Korea.

Returning to the subject machine, I will talk a little about it. Basically I chose this outfit on the run, because who was photographed half my friend Natalie and then seen it? Well, the blouse is vintage (really), it was my mother, who gave her a friend and I saw where the story is going to stop.. The skirt I sent to the seamstress and the headband I made ​​it myself. Anyway, I took a picture of the whole body, but because of the darn sun was horrible and only has to post these. Then come these days with more outfits and more tutorials, I promise not to get over soft body.. That's it, kisses!

Shirt: Vintage
Skirt: Made by Seamstress
Flower Headband: DIY
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