Sunday, December 23, 2012

k-pop diy: t-ara queen's crown headband inspired

Hi all! Remembering that I had talked about a partnership with a blog about K-Pop (especially in this case, on T-ara)? We closed a while ago, but I could only post the tutorial now .. Anyway, this is a new start for the blog, as I'll get to bring Korean culture to it (finally). The blog in question is Bo Peep Brasil, who have to visit a long time and now finally I'm happy about that our partnership. Well, on the DIY today is special for Queen's (name of fandom T-ara) and even I'm a fan and our color is Ivory Pearly, not left out, but then went to yellow (the which is the same).
If you are Queen's (Queens) we deserve a crown, right? So, It is super easy to make with materials that everyone has at home, but if you have not, just go buy anyway are super cheap. Shall we begin? You will need:

  • A Headband
  • Yellow Fabric
  • Paper, pen and ruler
  • Wire
  • Hot Glue
  • Pliers
1 - First let's start with crown molding. Using a sheet of paper, ruler and pen, repeat the same pattern above. One side is larger than the other anyway, so do not be scared. The two sides are thus usually to adjust the tiara and not be crooked, as pictured above.

2 - Now on the mold and using the wire, start shaping the crown. Leave a space in the middle first, which will then be used to "wrap" the wire on headband. Not that hard, just have a little skill and with the help of pliers, go more faster.

 3 - As I began to shape the crown, this mini difficulty arose. The edges were not normal, always rounded, so if this happens, use the pliers and arrange for them to become more pointed.

4 - Once finished, mark where each side ends and put out. After that, "wrap" on the wire tiara, the part you marked. Then cut the rest of the wire leftovers.

 5 - Then cut the yellow fabric scraps and with the help of hot glue, check the wound headband. Be careful not to burn your fingers (because I burned my on this tutorial), finally winding up to go cover the tiara and finished, ready your tiara.

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