Tuesday, December 25, 2012

merry christmas for everybody

Merry Christmas everyone! Unfortunately, yesterday, I would bring some surprises for you, but it was not possible. First I want to thank everyone who visited, who approved and comes every day to my blog, which has reached such a short time, but it is in my heart and in your heart. It was a good year in many ways and I hope the next one is much, much better. But first of all, do not forget the real meaning of Christmas. Not only parties, gifts and clothing, it is time to communicate, join with family members, no matter how they are (even uncles and great jokes that are funny deep down), but we must remember, that is the birth of Jesus after he was born to die for us, and that is the real meaning.
Of course, also part party, after all, a birthday party without birthday is not, is not it? Celebrate, communicate, give laughter, today is the day to celebrate. Anyway, see you soon. Kisses!


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Hope you guys enjoy the blog and please, send a lot of love. ♡

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